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SMS is the only messaging technology that is available on almost every mobile phone in the world. It's more reliable than any other form of messaging, including IM and email, allowing messages to get through to staff, customers and colleagues without causing you message delivery anxiety. This thoroughly tried and tested technology is increasingly being used by businesses because it is such an effective means of communication.

Over the last 15 years we've carried over 1 billion SMS messages on behalf of our customers. What are you waiting for? Come and speak with us about how SMS can help your business.

If you need only an SMPP MT (outbound SMS to mobiles) SMS account, you may be interested in our SMSCarrier service. You can instantly get an SMPP account and top it up as required.

Verification Codes

We have launched a new service for the sending of Verification Codes. This service enables 2FA, OTP and mobile number verification. The service is free for the duration of its BETA phase.

HSL Mobile

At HSL Mobile we build solutions based on customer requirements. Our capability ranges from simple SMS services to sophisticated multi-platform, multimodal communication services comprising voice, SMS and instant messaging.